Humanity Aid Service (HAS) is a south Sudanese based humanitarian and development non-profit NGO founded on 19.11.2012 and registered by the Ministry of Justice under the serial NO 1015 and granted certificate of  operation NO 288 by Relief And Rehabilitation  Commission (RRC). Formerly, the organization was called Youth Technology Development Organization (YTDO) and on 15th August 2018, the general assembly of the organization passed a resolution NO 00221 to change the organization name to Humanity Aid Services (HAS) and have it re-registered under chapter 3, Section 10 of NGO’s Act 2016 as a national organization with Registration NO 234.


To see a world where all humans are treated with dignity, honesty, equal respect in order to build a versatile and healthy society for sustainable peace and development.


To reach too hard to reach locations with humanitarian and development services to the needy populations through cultural diversity, sustainable self-reliance programs and restoring lost hopes in south Sudan


To improve Health, Education and promote Peaceful co-existence among the communities through community sensitization and advocacy, and to maintain resilient communities for fostering sustainable peace and development.


The main purpose of the organization is to promote Humanitarian Support to: further the development of health services, improve livelihoods of the vulnerable communities in South Sudan, reach with assistance to the man-made or natural disasters most affected areas, and alleviate illiteracy through educational programs


  1. Provision of Health Care Services
  2. Promoting Sustainable Development to all communities
  3. Peace Building Programs
  4. Enhancing Educational development
  5. Sanitation and Hygiene
  6. Protection of Women empowerment
  7. Alleviating Gender Based Violence Issues
  8. Children Sensitive Awareness
  9. Capacity Building Trainings


The following are the core values of Humanity Aid Services:

  • Integrity: We value transparency and accountability in our entire professional work with clear policies and procedures, while displaying the utmost level of honesty in our financial dealings; we hold these to be the most essential elements of our work ethic.

  • Inclusiveness: we are committed to engaging, supporting and recognizing the value of all members of the society regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, ethnicity, age, physical or mental ability, and socioeconomic status.

  • Effectiveness: We value efficiency and excellence in all our work thus constantly challenging ourselves to perform better to meet and exceed program targets and to improve and deepen the impact of our interventions.



HAS since its foundation has continued with its efforts in working hard with partner to ensure that it achieves;

Its vision, mission, goals and objective, by empowerment of communities and participation of communities in finding solution to the problems that are affecting the public. Humanity Aid Service has been always independent from both the government and the business sector. HAS promotes the public interest and serve the public good. Humanity Aid Service operation is backed up by:

  • A stable management board with persons of high social integrity and influence across the region.
  • A management team that is equipped with advanced developmental skills and professionalism.
  • Organizational structure that is operational and enjoys popular community support and approval.
  • Community engagement centers (CEC) which are led by voluntary community ambassadors countrywide for wider and reliable   fact finding information.
  • Possession of internal and external annual audit for proper financial and accounting management system
  • Excellent and proper reporting system

Legitimacy: HAS is a legitimate NGO that works in addressing needs in society, and its members put the public interests above their personal interests. HAS is well governed and well managed with effective leadership team.

Accountability: HAS is accountable and answerable to stakeholders, funders, members, people and community HAS operates in. HAS always ensures that money is to be used for the intended purpose, managed well, and applied to meet project objectives.

Transparency: HAS is transparent to all stakeholders and its partners. It always lets its partners understand how programs are running, how funds are used, and how decisions are made by providing timely and accurate information about its activities, finances, policies, procedures and decisions, and it is ready to learn on new developments and to do more than ever before.


As a young institution, the organization has partial technical and financial instability


HAS’s position of legitimacy, transparency, accountability to its funders and partners

with strong internal management system has opened for the organization more opportunities of working with partners such as UN-women, UNESCO, UNICEF, HUWEI, Ministry of Telecommunication and Postal Services (RSS), the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports (RSS), National Legislative Assembly, and support from the state department, Government of United States of America through its embassy in Juba South Sudan in implementing the following projects:

1- The First South Sudan Youth Information & Communication Technology

Conference – 2015

2- Youth Ambassadors for Peace and Entrepreneurship

3- Restore Hope to Citizens

4- Establishment of Knowledge Development Lab (KD-LAB)

All the mentioned achievements, opened up a path for more opportunities for the organization.


The general security situation remains the biggest threat not only to HAS but to both national and international humanitarian and development partners in South Sudan.